Introduction Edit

The book is just one of the artifacts used to open Dark portals into Draenor they were:

  • The Eye of Dalaran
  • The Skull of Gul´dan
  • Jeweled Scepter of Sargeras

it was used by Khadgar to close the portal that led to Draenor but before closing it he sent the artifacts back.

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Description Edit

Archmage Antonidas of the Kirin Tor apparently came into the possession of an artifact known as the Book of Medivh sometime before the Third War.

the book is localized in Dalaran, where it is in Azeroth wars.It´s in a pedestal controled by The legion.

In-game Description:

``Powerful book of the Last Guardian, Medivh!

Can be used to summon the mighty Burning Legion!``

Events: Edit

  • Can be used to summon The Burning Legion.

In-Game Edit

  • Mana: + 110 (On int heroes)
  • Stats:
    • Dmg: +6
    • Int: +6

Notes Edit

  1. Never drop it unless your Dreadlords are near it you wont be able to pick it up again(Blue)

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