Control Points are the primary method of acquiring gold - giving you a steady income throughout the game. Every minute, all the control points you own generate a specific amount of gold. There are 113 control points in the game - they vary from giving you 10g/min to 50g/min. More important regions give you more gold. They are indicated by a scoreboard on the upper-right hand portion of the screen. They are supposed to depict dominion or dominance over a territory, the gold output representing the area's economic output.

Important Facts

  1. Beware, players that cant kill your main army will probabily try to deplete your income, so try your best to protect them if that happens.You can place buildings on top of them to protect/hide them and avoid (sneak) capture, towers and barracks being excellent choices.
  2. There are roughly 30 in Kalimdor, 50 in Eastern Kingdoms, 11 in Northrend, 7 in Outland and 15 scattered on isles among the sea.
  3. Most ``Dungeons`` also carry control points.
  4. They are often disputed among allies - many players secretly take control points from them.

Starting Control Points Edit

Type -income to see how much gold you are receiving every minute.

  • Team 2
    • Lordaeran Starts with 7 Control Points (Purple)
    • Dalaran Starts with 5 Control Points (Orange)
    • Quel'Thalas Starts with 4 Control Points (Green)
  • Team 5
    • Arathor Starts with 5 Control Points (Dark Green)
    • The Dwarves Starts with 4 Control Points (Yellow)
  • Team 6

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