After the terrible sundering that ripped the world apart, a group of Night Elves vowed to restore the land and protect it from further devastation. Naturally connected to the Emerald Dream, they have been awakened to fight against the imminent powers that endanger the World Tree.

Location & AlliesEdit

Brown is located primarily in northeastern Kalimdor, with a base in the far southwest of the continent. You are shielded from the Horde by your ally light blue so you can focus on fighting gray in southern Kalimdor.

  • Allies:
    • The Sentinel - Their main settlement is just south from you, and is of crucial importance to you. The Sentinels guard your lands from invasions from the south. You should use Cenarius to help them, however.

Pros & ConsEdit

  • Pros:
    • Quite safe initially; whoever wants to beat you will need to push through the Sentinel's forces first.
    • Best tanks in the game.
    • Good dispell and anti-caster abilities.
    • Great support heroes.
    • Nordrassil can revive 50 units with a single spell.
  • Cons:
    • No detection.
    • Units are expensive.
    • Can be difficult to manage so many different units that fight in so many different ways.
    • Heavy reliance on your ally.
    • Can be rendered almost useless if Archimonde consumes the World Tree.


  • Balance Mastery
Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect
Icon 350 250 None Empowers all druidic casters, increasing their attack speed by 25% and mana regeneration by 75%. Also improves the Lifebloom and Abolish Magic.

  • Bonding Mastery
Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect
Icon 350 250 None Faerie Dragons unlock Fey Phantasm and Improved Mana Flare, and Chimeras unlock Lightning Barrage, both units gain +100 hit points also empowers your Moon Wells increasing their mana by 100.

  • Feral Mastery
Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect
Icon 350 250 None Druids of the claw unlock Ferocious Strikes and Furbolgs unlock Open Wounds. Both units gain 10% attack speed, +10 damage, and +5% movement speed.


  • You must defeat the Guardian of the Horn in Moonglade. Then you can bring his dropped item to the Barrow Dens to awaken Malfurion.
  • Bringing Cenarius/Malfurion to Eldre'thalas will cause the Scepter of the Queen to be granted to them.
  • If you bring the Horn of Cenarius to the Barrow Den, you can acquire Malfurion.
  • If you kill Califax, Illidan will be freed and under your control.
  • Obtaining the Skull of Gul'dan with Illidan and activating it will cause you to spawn in Azshara with a small force of naga, a morphed Illidan, some boats and Lady Vashj. You will automatically unally the Sentinels.

Events specific to post-skull IllidanEdit

  • By bringing Illidan to the Maelstrom  an event will trigger that will cause your forces to nearly double in strength and numbers, along with ships to carry them, this should be the first thing you do, settling near the tomb of sargaeras to claim the eye is also recommended.
  • Entering Outland with Illidan will cause you to gain control of Akama, a small force of Draenei and some workers.
  • By closing the Demon Gates, killing Magtheridon, and destroying the Black Temple, you gain some of teals units and upgrades, those being Fel Orc Grunts, The pillage upgrade, and eredar warlocks and their respective upgrades.

Notes: The nagas have been removed from Azeroth Wars i will not remove this because they can come back we never know(Version 1.90c)

Heroes, Units and BuildingsEdit

  • Heroes:
  • Night Elf Units:
    • Ancient Of Lore:
      • Dryad
      • Druid of the Claw
      • Mountain Giant
    • Ancient of Wind:
      • Druid of the Talon
      • Furbolg Shaman
      • Faerie Dragon
    • Night Elf Shipyard:
      • Transport Ship
      • Frigate
      • Battleship
  • Naga Units:
    • Temple of the Tides
      • Mur'gul Slave
      • Naga Myrmidon
      • Mur'gul Reaver
    • Spawning Grounds
      • Naga Myrmidon
      • Snap Dragon
      • Dragon Turtle
      • Mur'gul Reaver
    • Shrine of Azshara
      • Naga Siren
      • Naga Summoner
      • Couatl
    • Night Elf Shipyard
      • Transport Ship
      • Frigate
      • Battleship
  • Draenei Units:
    • Draenei Haven
      • Draenei Elite Assassin
      • Draenei Laborer
    • Warrior's Den
      • Draenei Seer
      • Salamander
      • Draenei Vindicator
      • Draenei Catapult
  • Night Elf Buildings:
    • Nordrassil (Unbuildable)
    • Barrow Dens (Unbuildable)
    • Tree of Life (Upgrades to Tree of Ages and then to Tree of Eternity)
    • Moon well
    • Altar of Elders
    • Ancient of Wonders
    • Ancient of Lore
    • Ancient of Wind
    • Ancient of Protection
    • Shipyard
  • Naga Buildings:
    • Temple of the Tides
    • Spawning Grounds
    • Mur'gul Lumber Mill
    • Coral Bed
    • Shrine of Azshara
    • Altar of the Depths
    • Night Elf Shipyard
  • Draenei Buildings:
    • Draenei Hut
    • Draenei Haven
    • Warrior's Den


It is possible to have regular Druid units as the illidari, to do this, one must buy 2 druid portable worker items at an ancient of wonders, one of the portable worker items will turn into a portable naga worker summon with 3 charges, the other will remain a druid worker summon. it is unknown if this is intentional, a bug, or a technical workaround to in-game mechanics.

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