Thrall gathered a renegade group of lethargic Fel Orcs and purged them of any demonic magic. Proclaiming that they should be free of such influence forever, he is poised on freeing his brethren that are held captive in Durnholde. Transport ships are waiting to take them all to Kalimdor. He has also allied several troll tribes.

Location & AlliesEdit

The Horde, lstarts scattered. You should take advantage of that, and creep extensibly as far as possible before being forced to flee. Lordaeron has a huge number of your kind kept prisoners in Durnhold; if you manage to break through their fortress, you can free them and get yourself an incredible boost. Still, your biggest chance lays in getting your people into ships and reaching Kalimdor as fast as possible.

  • Allies:
    • Warsong Clan - They start as scattered as you. You both share a settlement on the south end of Eastern Kingdoms, and your initial Kalimdor settlements are quite close. You should move to help them as fast as possible. You need to set up a strong presence in central kalimdor to check the expanding Night Elves.

Pros & ConsEdit

  • Pros:
    • Highly mobile, and thus can get lots of creep money.
    • Good AoE and melee.
    • Excellent tanks.
    • Access to lots of creep money.
  • Cons:
    • Poor range and dispell.
    • If you dont work together with Warsong clan you die easily.


  • Mastery1
Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect

  • Mastery2
Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect

  • Mastery3
Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect


  • Bloodpact - When the Legion is summoned, and if Mannoroth is still alive, Teal can offer you the Blood Pact. Should you accept it, you will lose all existing units/buildings/territories, whose ownerships will be transferred to an angry grey. You and grey will automatically unally as well. Grom Hellscream and a number of fel orcs will respawn in the Twisting Nether. This is a betrayal event, one that will help an already winning Evil team and surely let you former ally be overwhelmed by Night Elves.

Heroes, Units and BuildingsEdit

  • Heroes:
    • BTNThrall Thrall
    • BTNHeroTaurenChieftain Cairne Bloodhoof
    • BTNWitchDoctor Vol'Jin
  • Demi-heroes
    • BTNHeroFarseer Drek´thar
  • Units:
    • BTNPeon Peon
    • BTNHeadhunter Troll Headhunter
    • BTNHeroFarseer Far seer
    • BTNDemolisher Demolisher
    • BTNShaman Shaman
    • BTNSpiritWalker Spirit Walker
    • BTNWitchDoctor Troll Witch Doctor
    • BTNRaider Raider
    • BTNKotoBeast Kodo Beast
    • BTNWyvernRider Wind Rider
    • BTNTrollBatRider Troll Batrider
    • BTNTauren Tauren
    • BTNGrunt Grunt
    • BTNOrcishTransport Transport Ship
    • BTNOrcDestroyer Frigate
    • BTNJuggernaut Juggernauth
  • Special Buildings: (Unbuildable)
    • BTNFortress Orgrimmar
    • BTNVoodooLounge Darkspear Hold
    • BTNTaurenTotem Thunder Bluff
  • Buildings:
    • BTNGreatHall Great Hall
      • BTNStrongHold Stronghold
        • BTNFortress Fortress
    • BTNBarracks Barrack
    • BTNTower Watch Tower
      • BTNTower Improved Watch Tower
    • BTNSpiritLodge Spirit Lodge
    • BTNBeastiary Bestiary
    • BTNVoodooLounge Vodoo Lounge
    • BTNForge War Mill
    • BTNAltarOfStorms Altar of Storms
    • BTNTaurenTotem Tauren Totem
    • BTNTrollBurrow Orc Burrow
    • BTNGoblinShipyard Shipyard


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