Introduction Edit

History of the item if it has any in the Warcraft universe.

Placeholder other

Description Edit

Location of the item, where it starts, or drops. In-game description of the item is needed.Or if it´s used in any event. when it was uploaded to the game(Map ver)

In-Game Edit

  • Health: Does give Or does not
  • Mana: Does give Or does not
  • Attack Speed: Does give Or does not
  • Moviment speed: Does give Or does not
  • Uses (Skills, like beserk or something else)
    • Use for this for that
    • Has no use at all
  • Stats
    • Gives no stats
    • Gives stats

Notes Edit

  1. It´s hard to Obtain
  2. It`s better for that hero
  3. Be fast to get it
  4. In-game gameplay tips

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