Introduction Edit

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Jubei'Thos, a fel orc blademaster, took up leadership of the Blackrock clanorcs in Lordaeron during the Third War. Jubei'Thos didn't join Thrall when he made the new Horde, because of his devotion to the Burning Legion and acceptance of Warlocks in his Clan.

Combat Statistics Edit

  • Base Damage: 57-60
  • Attack Type: hero
  • Attack Range: melee
  • Base Armor: 5
  • Armor Type: hero
  • Movement Speed: ?
  • Initial Health: 1250
  • Initial Mana: 400

Upgrades Edit

  • Burning Strenght
  • Burning Armor
  • Mastery (if any) - Effect

Abilities Edit

Bladestorm Edit


Description of the skill, as stated ingame, preferibly. Note that you can delete right-click the table for adding/removing rows.

Mana Cooldown C. Range AoE Duration Effect
150 ? ? ? ? ?


Critical Strike Edit


Gives 15% chance to do 2 times normal damage on an attack.

Mana Cooldown C. Range AoE Duration Effect
Not Necessary ? ? ? ? ?


Reincarnation Edit

Type: Passive
Targeting: Not required

When killed, Jubei´thos will come back to life. He will return with full mana.

Mana Cooldown C. Range AoE Duration Effect
Not required 0 0 0 240 Seconds Demi-Hero comes back to life


Resistent Skin Edit

Type: Passive
Targeting: Not required

This gives Jubei´thos magic resistance, similar to the resistance that level 6+ creeps have. Namely, you can't be Polymorphed, Possessed, etc, and all offensive spells have a shorter duration on the target (such as stuns, Ensnare, etc). It DOES NOT reduce damage dealt to the target, however. That’s an effect of hero armor, not hero magic resistance.

Mana Cooldown C. Range AoE Duration Effect
Not required 0 0 0 0 Gives Demi-heroes increased resistance to spell damage.


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