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The Naga are a race of amphibious serpent-like creatures that dwell beneath the seas. Once of the Kaldorei, once known as the Highborne, they were changed when their leader, Queen Azshara, made a pact with the Old Gods to survive the Sundering. Many remain below the seas, but some have returned. A faction of them follows Illidan Stormrage, the Night Elven Demon Hunter more commonly known as "the Betrayer".

Location & AlliesEdit

When you absorb the Skull of Gul'dan, you gain the northern coast of Azshara. Although early in the game you lack an ally, you can later ally with the Blood Elves.

  • Allies :
    • Blood Elves: One of the most common allies for the Naga, they can activate Tempest Keep in order to help you in Outland.

Pros & ConsEdit

  • Pros:
    • They can swim, making it easy to get in and out of fights.
    • Excellent casters, as well as dispelling abilities.
    • Great damage to multiple targets with spells of the heros.
    • Naga units can sink into the water, becoming invisible to others.
    • You can ally with the Blood elves in order to take Outland.
    • They have good healers.
  • Cons:
    • They are easy to kill with boats.
    • Naga units have a lumber cost, unlike other units.

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