The Undead Scourge was created when Kil'jaeden infused Ner'zhul with unholy powers. Ner'zhul, later known as the Lich King, quickly established a viable foothold on Northrend, making the Undead Scourge the dominant power on the continent after they subdued the subterranean Nerubian Empire. It has, however, lent forces to the dreadlords Tichondrius and Malganis. Directed by, and allied to, the Burning Legion, its sole purpose is to pave the way for Archimonde and Kil'jaeden to enter Azeroth, but the Lich King may have other plans in motion. The Undead Scourge's mission is to destroy the North Alliance, which guards the precious secret of summoning the Burning Legion to Azeroth.

Location & AlliesEdit

The Scourge is based in Northrend, an isolated continent on the northern end of the world with plenty of space for developing. Their main seat of power, the Frozen Throne, is on the northwest of the continent; there's also a hidden settlement in Scholomance, an island south from Stratholme in the Eastern Kingdoms that can prove vital for your goals.

  • Allies:
    • Burning Legion - They control Drak'Tharon Keep, some buildings in Scholomance and Alterac. You will need to cooperate with the Legion closely in order to destroy the North Alliance.


Mastery Icon Gold Wood Effect
Dark Magic Mastery
350 250 Improves the magical potency of your Undead casters, Curse will make an enemy have a 45% chance to miss, Anti-magic shell will block more damage and Unholy Frenzy will increase attack speed by 85%. Increase all units mana regeneration by 0.8
Disease Power
350 250 Greatly increases the amount of damage that Disease Cloud deals to enemy units, but decreases the duration of which disease cloud affects enemy units. Also allows you to train an additional 2 Meat Wagons. (Disease Cloud Before: 2.25 damage per second last 120 seconds, Disease Cloud After: 5 damage per second, lasts 60 seconds.)
Creature Mastery
350 250 Improves all creatures of the Scourge, making them attack 15% faster. Hitpoint bonus by 10%. Gargoyles will be able to use Howl of Terror ability (Howl of Terror: Reduces nearby enemy units' attack damage by 20% for 10 seconds.) Does not include units like ghouls, skeletons, necromancer, etc...


  • You may activate the plague after 9 minutes (By typing -plague). This will give you Baron Rivendare as a hero, 250 bonus gold, zombies from the citizens and plague cauldrons will rise up across Lordaeron, which will prove to be a potent distraction.
  • Kel'Thuzad turns into ghost when Lordaeron (Purple) or Dalaran (Orange) kills him.
  • If you bring Kel'Thuzad or his Ghost to destroyed Sunwell he will turn into powerful Lich.
  • If you destroy Stratholme and manage to kill Arthas before the Frozen Throne is destroyed, you will get him as a hero.
  • If you manage to kill Green's Sylvanas Windrunner, you will get a powerful demi-hero and second chance if the Frozen Throne is ever destroyed.
  • You can summon the Burning Legion with the Lich Kel'thuzad or with the Book of Medivh.
  • If you bring Evil Arthas to the Frozen Throne at level 12, he will merge with it and became the Lich King.
  • You can kill Sapphiron, located in Northrend, just south from the Frozen Throne, to get him resurrected as a powerful demi-hero unit.
  • After destroying Andorhal's barrack (Andorhal), Hearthglen's Keep (Hearthglen), Brill's Inn, Agamand's Mill and Vandermar's Inn (Nearby Tirisfal Glade and Lordaeron City), Havenshire's Chapel (Havenshire), Darrowshire's Inn and Corin's Barn (Nearby Stratholme), an area of Blight will appear. 
  • Should you or the Burning Legion (Blue) conquer Gilneas, Darius Crownley will appear as an demi-hero for The Scourge. 

Heroes, Units and BuildingsEdit

  • Demi-Heroes
  • Elite Units:
    • BTNHeroDeathKnight Death Knights (Limited to 6)
  • Special Units:
    • BTNGhostOfKelThuzad Kel'Thuzad (Ghost)
  • Units:
    • BTNAcolyte Acolytes
    • BTNGhoul Ghoul
    • BTNZombie Zombie
    • BTNNecromancer Necromancer
    • BTNBanshee Banshee
    • BTNShade Shade
    •  BTNSkeletonArcher Skeleton Archer
    • BTNCryptFiend Crypt Fiend
    • BTNGargoyle Gargoyle
    • BTNAbomination Abomination
    • BTNObsidianStatue Obsidian Statue
    •  Obisidiandestroyer Obsidian Destroyer
    • BTNMeatWagon Meat Wagon (Limited to 6 or 8 with Disease Power mastery)
    • BTNFrostWyrm Frost Wyrm (Limited to 4, Excludes Sapphrion)
    • BTNUndeadTransport Transport Ship
    • BTNUndeadDestroyer Frigate
    • BTNUndeadBattleShip Battleship (Limited to 12)
  • Special Buildings: (Unbuildable)
    • BTNFrostArmor The Frozen Throne
    • BTNNecropolis Scholomance
    • BTNNecropolis Acherus
  • Buildings:
    • BTNNecropolis Necropolis
      • BTNHallOfTheDead Halls of the Dead
        • BTNBlackCitadel Black Citadel
    • BTNCrypt Crypt
    • BTNTempleOfTheDamned Temple of the Damned
    • BTNZigguratZiggurat
      • BTNZigguratUpgrade Spirit Tower
      • BTNFrostTower Nerubian Tower
    • BTNGraveYard Graveyard
    • BTNSlaughterHouseSlaughterhouse
    • BTNAltarOfDarkness Altar of Darkness
    • BTNBoneYard Boneyard
    • BTNTombOfRelics Tomb of Relics
    • BTNUndeadShipyard Shipyard