• Demi-Hero Template 10/02/15
  • Jubei´thos 11/02/15
  • Sylvanas Windrunner(Banshee)  and Sapphiron 12/02/15
  • Jailor Kassan Captain Flaric Darius Crowley Added It´s my birthday 13/02/15 
  • Just came back from ``Carnaval`` here is Huehuebr Land still drunk i dont know if i will be able to complete the pages of yesterday
  • I´ve Written down the demi-Heroes of Azeroth Wars 1.90c that are incomplete in the wiki
    • Dar´khan Drathir
    • Vereesa Windrunner
    • Drek´thar
    • Chen
    • Draz´Zilb
    • Naisha
    • Baelgun Flamebeard
    • Brann Bronzebeard
    • Gelbin Mekkatorque
    • Edwin VanCleef
    • Reginald winsor
    • Danath Trollbane
    • Higlord Omokk
    • Neltharaku
    • Kazzak
  • i will see what i can add but my school tests will start soon so less and less time
  • Learning how to edit by source code 
  • Editing mainly The burning legion
  • Kinda finished red and blue some images are missing yet and are hard to find Re-created the faction template in case of trolls but  it redirects to the fel horde and i dont know why nor how to change it
  • I will move to the alliance as soon ans i finish Scourge and BL Theres lots and lots of shit to do.
  • I´ve Finished Fel horde´s Unit and building pics i will go to alliance tomorrow
  • I´ve started to fear living in Brazil,since i´m a atheist and there are some churches making armies they´re called the Gladiadores do Altar most of our politicians are evangelic and it is growing to much i dont know what i will do.
  • i had the idea of expanding this wiki to other 2 maps from azeroth wars the BL and the AE i dont know if it´s possible, i dont have enought time
  • I am alone editing this thing? that makes me sad...  07/03/14
  • Didn´t gave up yet i will finish this , My testes have started so even less time my grades are always bad in math ans stuff like it
  • I´ve began to go to parties drink alot and my grades are BAD  this wiki is dead theres nothing i can do i´m sorry maties i will come back someday.
  • i still hope war4 comes out
  • Despite the fact that i´m not the creator of this page i declare that it is DEAD (23/11/2015 19:08)

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